Advancing Innovative Models

To advance innovative models, the Future of Learning Coalition is:

  • advocating to expand innovative models, such as the current CBE pilot program,
  • identifying and seeking to eliminate barriers to new education models
  • promoting new and emerging education models
  • publicizing existing flexibility
  • supporting districts to implement innovative learning models


Learning with Robotics Webinar
Robotics is a machine that will build the people who will change the world and our future for the better. On February 27, 2023, 4–5 p.m., join students and educators from Curie HS, IMSA, and Phoenix STEM Military Academy who are passionate about robotics for a conversation.
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Coalition Launch Webinar
Please join the Future of Learning Coalition to hear why the time is right for significant innovation, review some of our initiatives, and share our priorities for the future.
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Students for Innovation: Advocacy Day 2023
Join IDEA for at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield to exemplify the importance of innovative learning. Students from across the state are selected through an application process to present their innovative projects.
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Competency-Based Education Pilot White Paper
In 2021, LUDA published a white paper detailing the experiences and lessons learned from seven CBE pilot districts in Illinois.
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Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum
The Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum (CEIF), launched in the spring of 2021, promotes models of personalized instruction, competency-based approaches, performance assessments, project-based learning, and other emerging innovations that provide promising education frameworks.
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Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum Resource Hub
At the CEIF Resource Hub, you will find links to webinars and blogs, competency-based education resources, relevant publications and articles, and links to supports for innovative education models.
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The LEAP Learning Framework
The LEAP Learning Framework is a research and evidence-based pedagogical framework for personalized learning. This guide includes research and example strategies for implementation that are focused on, led with, and demonstrated by the learner and are connected to career-relevant, real-world skills and opportunities.
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Deon’s Story
Watch an “impact story” of how one Englewood, Chicago school’s transformation to personalized learning with LEAP Innovations positively affected the development and leadership of an eighth grader named Deon.
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The Whole School Transformation of Belmont-Cragin Elementary School
Watch the “impact story” of how Belmont-Cragin Elementary School, on Chicago’s West Side, successfully shifted its school-wide practice to personalized learning, in partnership with LEAP Innovations.
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34 Kid, 34 Ways
Watch the “impact story” of Steve McWade, a fifth grade teacher at Lovett Elementary School in Chicago. Throughout eighteen years of teaching, Steve has always seen trust and human connection as the foundation of powerful learning experiences. Working with LEAP, he developed structured ways for building relationships and honed tangible and rigorous tools and practices for helping each and every one of his students advance.
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The Flexible Future: Reimagining School for the 21st Century
Education has changed very little over the past century. If Rip Van Winkle fell asleep in his math class in 1919 and woke up a hundred years later, he would immediately recognize the structures and routines of the school day. We must seize the disruption of the pandemic to build a new normal that is both more effective and more equitable.
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Illinois Math Badges Initiative Launches
This initiative will create an Illinois high school math badging system as an alternative credentialing mechanism wherein students can certify learning gained through a broad range of sources including coursework, independent study, summer school, and work-based learning.
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SEL Performance-Based Assessment Showcase
In June 2022, the Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum (CEIF) hosted a webinar featuring final products from a spring performance-based assessment professional development for CPS competency-based education teachers.
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Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into Academic Performance Tasks: Process and Products from CPS CBE Schools
Leaders from Chicago Public Schools and Education Systems Center at NIU share how Competency-Based Education (CBE) CPS high school teachers developed and implemented academic performance tasks that integrate social-emotional learning.
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