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Clayton Christensen Institute: 5 Steps for Building & Strengthening Students’ Networks
This playbook was developed by the Clayton Christensen Institute to help K–12 and postsecondary leadership and nonprofits that work with those institutions implement and adapt strategies, tools, and metrics that build and strengthen their students’ networks in support of their well-being and with the aim of expanding their postsecondary and career options.
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The Illinois College and Career Pathways Endorsement Framework
The Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Act establishes a voluntary system for school districts to award college and career pathways endorsements on high school diplomas. Download the endorsement framework.
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The LEAP Learning Framework
The LEAP Learning Framework is a research and evidence-based pedagogical framework for personalized learning. This guide includes research and example strategies for implementation that are focused on, led with, and demonstrated by the learner and are connected to career-relevant, real-world skills and opportunities.
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