Competency-Based Education Pilot White Paper

In 2021, LUDA published a white paper detailing the experiences and lessons learned from seven competency-based education pilot districts in Illinois.

The Competency-Based Education Pilot was created by the Illinois General Assembly as part of the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act of 2016. Since its inception, 12 Large Unit School District Association (LUDA) districts have been accepted into the pilot. The purpose of this white paper is to further inform Illinois legislators and policymakers and others in the education community on the implementation of the Competency-Based Pilot at the school district and building levels. Seven LUDA districts have presented their competency pilot stories in this white paper. These districts took the bold step of being part of this innovative pilot and they have helped create the future of education in Illinois. They each have an important story to tell. They explain why they chose to apply for the pilot, the mechanics of how the pilot is structured, and the early successes and challenges of the pilot. Their stories are all very different, but they share a commonality of commitment to reforming education for tomorrow.

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