A Balanced System of Student Assessment

To create a balanced system of student assessment, the Future of Learning Coalition is working to shift the Illinois accountability assessment culture from one that relies solely on standardized tests to one that more broadly integrates high quality interim assessments that are district selected and provide teachers with actionable data to improve teaching and learning, in comprehensive areas including academic competency, social-emotional development, and 21st-century skills.


Coalition Launch Webinar
Please join the Future of Learning Coalition to hear why the time is right for significant innovation, review some of our initiatives, and share our priorities for the future.
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The Future of Assessment in Illinois: A LUDA Proposal
LUDA has presented recommendations to the ISBE board regarding changes to the state assessment system.
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SEL Performance-Based Assessment Showcase
In June 2022, the Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum (CEIF) hosted a webinar featuring final products from a spring performance-based assessment professional development for CPS competency-based education teachers.
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Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into Academic Performance Tasks: Process and Products from CPS CBE Schools
Leaders from Chicago Public Schools and Education Systems Center at NIU share how Competency-Based Education (CBE) CPS high school teachers developed and implemented academic performance tasks that integrate social-emotional learning.
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